jardine botanic pop up

Every now and then I see something so beautiful in a shop front that makes me do a total double take and compel me impulsively press my face right up against the window so I can get a better look. Jardine Botanic’s pop up shop at High Tea with Mrs Woo was definitely one of those times. Two thoughts immediately came to mind, first (as always) was that I HAD to photograph it.  Secondly, if I gave this to my mum for mother’s day it’d surely go a long way to paying her back for my embarrassingly angsty ‘catcher in the rye’ teenager years.

As if picking up this extraordinary floral sculpture wasn’t exciting enough, I also got to meet the lovely Jardine Hansen herself and she is just as awesome as her designs. She has the kind of passion and enthusiasm about her work that is immediately contagious. This is one lady that LOVES what she does and is obviously incredible at it.

If you haven’t sorted out Mother’s day yet, a visit to High Tea with Mrs Woo in Paddington is probably your best bet for some serious brownie points from mum.

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