the awesomest

Most days are pretty awesome but today I was having a bit of a cranky pants morning. Starting with our dog pancakes imitating Houdini and escaping from her harness then bolting towards a busy road. But you know what, somehow by 8.30am Pete had me all cheered up again and we were having a very very silly and hilariously good time. So today’s post is dedicated to the most awesome guy that I know.

There are countless reasons why he’s just the best, but here are just a few for now:

He makes me a yummy coffee with lots of froth (that’s totally the best bit) in the morning
He’ll leave me all of the pickled ginger when we eat sushi because I like it HEAPS
He has awesome music taste which makes road trips all the more fun
He has accepted that I will never be good at ironing….ever (and even helps me iron my super crinkly dresses)
He cleans the miscellaneous gross stuff stuck in our vacuum cleaner (yuck)
Pretty much always looks super dashing dressed up or dressed down (how is that even possible? I’m so jealous)
He doesn’t judge my  eternally tragic ‘floordrobe’ situation
He’s very calm when I am very NOT CALM…then somehow he’ll manage to make me laugh..a lot
He’ll randomly break into song with me, usually substituting lyrics to songs (weird al yankovic style)…yes we are a bit strange

Best guy ever? Yep.

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