san francisco – golden gate park

Happy Monday (southern hemisphere time) everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend full of adventures and good food.
Pete and I are still missing being in the US and especially exploring gorgeous places like the beautiful Golden Gate Park above and filling our bellies with gigantic delicious toasted cheese sandwiches. Over the weekend we did visit a park a lot closer to home though to scout it out for an upcoming wedding and we managed to get completely drenched. We even tried to hide under the giant trees for shelter but no luck. With no other option we ran as fast as we could while hugging our camera gear and giggling like idiots all the way back to the car. Despite being not very well prepared for torrential rain (dark ominous looking clouds should have given us a hint) running in the rain is seriusly so much fun. I really should do it more often, though probably not with all our camera gear next time.

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