san francisco – ocean beach, lands end

I know my travel posts have jumped around chronologically almost as much as Slaughterhouse Five (excellent novel if you haven’t read it by the way) so here is a post from our last day in San Francisco before we went to New York.

If there is one place in San Francisco that literally makes you continuously gasp from its sheer beauty, it would have to be Ocean Beach and Lands End. The atmosphere is dark, moody and it’s the perfect place to bundle yourself up in your warmest attire for some quiet reflection or to write your poetic masterpiece. We rapidly lost hours exploring the long stretch of Ocean Beach watching dogs racing across the sand and people gazing into the surf. We explored the cave at Lands End before we climbed to the top for a view back to Golden Gate Bridge just as the sun set in the distance. Totally romantic sounding in writing but utterly frustrating as photographers keen to capture every last little bit of this place.

San Francisco totally stole our hearts and I’ll show you more of why we think it’s so awesome in some upcoming posts.

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