NYC trip – the wythe and reynards

Ok, now that I’m settled and finally caught up with all my emailing/shoots/processing it’s finally time to start sharing some of the highlights of our travels. I thought I’d start with one of my FAVOURITE places we discovered in New York.

It might seem a bit much to dedicate a whole post to the public declaration of how much I adore The Wythe hotel (in particular Reynards) but I assure you that it’s definitely warranted. So much so that we went back there three or four times both for dinner and brunch on the New York leg of our US adventure.

From the moment you step into the beautifully repurposed factory built in 1901 it’s easy to imagine that if you booked your accommodation at The Wythe, it would be virtually impossible to want to leave the building. Casual brunch could easily roll into drinks at the rooftop bar then dinner back at Reynards. I’m not sure if the awesome staff have psychic abilities because not only did they have a comprehensive understanding of the entire menu but every single item that they recommended was exactly what we wanted.

If I did have to recommend one standout item on the menu it’d definitely have to be their devine take on the the sausage and egg sandwich(pictured above). Ok, while I’m at it….maybe also their unassuming morning bun which while petit in size certainly overdelivers in deliciousness. I could go on all day about virtually everything we ate at Reynards so it’s probably best you find a excuse to visit there yourself. I know I am already daydreaming about going back.

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