two years ago

Two years ago I met this guy for a first date to a photography exhibition.
He thoughtfully offered to carry my outrageously gigantic Saturday newspaper (even though I only ever read 2 sections) and made a hilarious joke about a bacon factory catching on fire which I thought was rather awesome for a vegetarian.

One week later we were climbing onto rooftops in the pursuit of photography.

1 year ago after months of talking about it late into the night we decided to chase a dream that was bigger than anything we had ever considered before.  So And a Day was born.

6 months ago we had been featured in some of the world’s best wedding blogs and we were working with the most amazing and beautiful couples.

Today it’s our anniversary. He’s still making me laugh like nobody else can, we’re still getting up to mischief chasing the next shot and he still carries the gigantic weekend paper for me.

I love you Pete, thank you for everything that you are and all that you do. Happy anniversary x



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