traditions and foundations

I have more notebooks than I can possibly keep track of at any one time. I scribble down random ideas, messy sketches, sudden strokes of inspiration, elaborate plans, big dreams and promises I make to myself.

There is one notebook that I write only a single entry on the first day of every year. Whenever I can (wake up), I’ll haul myself to watch the sunrise on the 1st January and fill it out. I reflect on and summarise the year that had just completed and I’ll set my theme for the year ahead. This year I hijacked Pete’s theme ‘foundations’, which couldn’t be more appropriate considering how much we’ve been giving/working towards our dreams for our photography work.

This year I’ll be taking my New Year’s day ritual on the road and I’ll be filling out that notebook from New York. It’s strange and excting to think that I’ll be starting the year on the other side of the world. Hopefully it’ll inspire even bigger dreams and plans for 2013.

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