best camera strap – kaufmann mercantile

I love my photography gear, increasingly over time it’s become an extension of who I am. But there was one thing that I didn’t like and that was the awful (aesthetically, though very practical) strap that basically advertised my gear everywhere I went.

Recently Pete gave me a present housed inside a small canvas bag that revealed the best camera strap that I have ever seen. I adore good quality handcrafted design and this camera strap from Kaufmann Mercantile had me beaming and doing a little happy dance (yes this is what I literally do when I’m excited).

I’ve been using the Roberu leather camera strap for a couple of weeks now and I must say, despite my initial reservations about how comfortable it would be considering how amazingly beautiful it is (I usually assume that you can’t have it both ways) it is the most comfortable single shoulder strap that I have ever used even when hauling some of my heaviest gear.

Thanks again Pete for being so thoughtful as always and giving me the best gift ever that will no doubt last a lifetime.

Photo credit to Pete for using his camera to shoot my camera.

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