baking shortbread

Besides watching Geoff Jantz on ‘what’s cooking?’ every single day of my school holidays, one of my earliest cooking memories were the weekly cooking lessons at my after school care. Every Monday we’d gather in the kitchen to take turns mixing, measuring, baking, frying and most importantly, tasting our creations.

There was one moment from those classes that I still remember very distinctly. While I had my go of stir frying the fried rice absolutely everywhere, our lovely teacher kindly told us that if you’re going to cook properly you have to make a mess because that’s how you know you’ve put all your enthusiasm into it.

I’ve always loved that idea, that whenever you are creating something you should throw yourself in elbow deep, mess and all.

So, as I was baking away and building a skyscraper of dirty dishes in the sink I thought about cooking and I thought about photography. I love that even though the end product is sometimes just one meal or one photo, I love everything that goes into it behind the scenes.

This time I made buttery, crumbly shortbread. Instead of the end product I thought this time I’d share some of the mess that went into making something lovely.

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