bread and circus wholefoods canteen

If someone were to delve into my imagination and create the canteen of my dreams, it would be exactly like Bread and Circus Canteen. The whole space is a like a casually curated collection of still lifes where everywhere you turn there is an artfully composed collection of fruit, plants, preserves and even jars of buttons.

Stepping into the sun soaked warehouse space immediately removes  you from construction work and industrial environment that it’s surrounded by. The vibrancy and beauty of Bread and Circus invites you stop during your daily activities and actually take notice, be present and take in all the details.

The menu is updated daily and is the perfect example of why fresh wholesome organic wholefoods wins every single time in the deliciousness stakes. Every item on the menu is as fresh and colourful as the environment itself. After the momentary pause to appreciate (and take a million photos…sorry Pete) our carefully constructed meals, they were enthusiastically devoured. The serving sizes are beyond generous so keep that in mind when ordering.

Thanks to the folks behind Bread and Circus for creating this extraordinary canteen. Your amazing food, beautiful environment and impeccable hospitality has nourished and inspired me.

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